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Waiting Periods

A waiting period is the length of time between when you join the Fund and when you can claim benefits on services you receive.

Waiting periods are designed to protect both the Fund and it’s Members from people joining only when they need treatment, then making large claims before cancelling their membership.

Members who transfer, or switch, from another fund who have already served their waiting periods will be covered immediately for an equivalent level of cover. Should you transfer to a higher level of cover, you will only serve the waiting period to the the increased cover.

Dependents previously covered on their parents membership will also have their previous waiting periods recognised.

Pre-existing conditions* 12 Months
Pregnancy and birth related services
All other hospital treatment including Rehabilitation, Psychiatric Services and Palliative Care 2 Months
Accidental Injury ** Immediate
Newborns*** Immediate
Accidental injury**
Ambulance subscription refund
Extras therapies
- Acupunture
- Chiropractic
- Clinical psychology
- Dietician
- District nurse
- Eye therapy
- Exercise physiology
- Myotherapy
- Nutritionist
- Occupational therapy
- Osteopathic
- Pharmaceutical
- Physiotherapy
- Podiatry
- Remedial massage
- Speech therapy
2 Months
Dental - General & Major (excluding orthodontics & dentures) 2 Months
Five Star Health Management 6 Months
Dentures 12 Months
Foot Orthotics
Orthodontics 24 Months
Health aids & appliances
- Braces & splints
- CAM boot
- Artificial limbs & prosthesis
- Crutches, walking frame & walking stick
- Wigs
- Compression garments
12 Months
- Blood glucose monitor
- Blood pressure monitor
- Tens machine
- Nebuliser
- CPAP (machine only)
- Hearing aid
36 Months

Pre-existing Conditions* A pre-existing condition is where the signs or symptoms of your ailment, condition or illness, in the opinion of MHF’s appointed independent medical adviser (not your own doctor), existed at any time in the 6 months preceding the day you joined hospital cover or the date you upgraded to a higher level of cover. It is not necessary that you, or your doctor knew what the condition was or that the condition had been diagnosed.

Decisions on whether or not an illness is pre-existing can only be made by MHF's appointed independent medical adviser. In forming an opinion, the Fund’s practitioner must take into account information provided by your own doctor.

The pre-existing condition rule still applies even if your ailment, illness or condition was not diagnosed prior to joining or upgrading your hospital cover.

Accidental Injury**

An accident is an unplanned and unforeseen event, occurring by chance, and leading to bodily injuries caused solely and directly by an external force or object requiring treatment from a Medical Practitioner. You are covered for accidental injury treatment immediately after you join, providing that there is no right to claim compensation or damages from another source. Not classed as an accident are injuries arising out of: surgical procedures; unforeseen illness; pregnancy; drug use; and aggravation of an underlying condition or injury.


We understand that it is a busy and exciting time when a baby is born. It is important that you contact us as soon as possible after your baby's birth to ensure that they are added to your membership.

If you currently hold a single policy with us, you will have 2 months to upgrade to a single parent, or a family type policy, after baby arrives. The applicable premium will be payable from baby’s date of birth and they will inherit your waiting period status.

If you already hold a family type policy, you simply need to let us know baby’s details, within 2 months of their birth and they will inherit your waiting period status.

If you are expecting a multiple birth, you will need to have a family type policy as the 2nd, or subsequent birth, will be admitted to hospital in their own right. This will mean that if you hold an excess cover, and you haven’t already met your excess liability for the calendar year, the excess will be payable for your 2nd baby.