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Benefits in Focus - Podiatry
Jun 07, 2023

Regular foot check-ups are often something that we overlook when it comes to our health. However, visiting a podiatrist is as important as regularly visiting the dentist.

Tracey Meyer, an experienced Master Podiatrist, opened Irymple Foot Clinic 20 years ago, and with her team, treats a wide range of issues.

“We do everything from ingrown toenail surgery and making a pair of padded insoles, to treating corns and warts, and looking after sporting injuries,” Ms Meyer said. The variety offered by the job is what initially led Ms Meyer to the profession, along with the satisfaction of providing clients with a quick solution and in some cases almost instant relief from their foot pain.

“You can often fix issues on the spot. People come in with a sore foot and during the appointment you fix it, so it really is instant job satisfaction, which I love.”

Ms Meyer said she and her team see a lot of people with diabetes and have referred clients to doctors after finding suspected melanomas.

“People with diabetes need to get their feet checked every six months because they get problems with circulation and their sensation.

“We want to pick up on that early so that we know whether they're at risk of ulcerating and losing limbs.

“Aside from that, we also see people who can’t reach their feet, or those who are blind, who come in for routine foot care.”

She said the clinic’s podiatrists also offered an unbiased expert opinion about the right footwear for individuals.

“Footwear is so important. If you have a particular foot condition or you’re having for example back problems, it could certainly be related to not wearing the right shoes.

“A lot of people think, the more they spend on shoes or if they buy the big brands, the better the shoes will be for their feet, but that’s not necessarily correct, each person has different needs.”

Ms Meyer recommends an annual visit to a podiatrist, for a general check-up.

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